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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Product Questions

  • Prices & PaymentOpen or Close

    Is the free plan really free?

    Yes the free plan is really free and it won't be asking for any credit cards or bank details. The limits of the free plans are mentioned on the pricing page

    How can I pay?

    You can pay through net banking or debit or credit cards, through our portal

    Is the funds refundable?

    No, Not at all. Once you pay it is done, There is lot of process & cost involved, Due to which we have a non-refundable policy. You have a free plan, where by you can check and move ahead, if satisfied

    Do you offer discounts?

    Yes, on yearly payments we offer 10% discount.

  • Personal CloudOpen or Close

    Can I have my own/personal cloud?

    Yes, you can have your own cloud. You need to have your personal (active) account on amazon cloud and you can link your personal cloud data with our portal

    If I use my own/personal cloud, will there be any change in the cost of the plans?

    No, There won't be any changes in the plan cost.

    What happens to my cloud account if I stop using it?

    If you stop using it, you have to pause the cloud services otherwise your cost would be adding up.

    What happens to my Cloud account if I stop using it?

    If you stop using it, you have to pause the cloud services otherwise your cost would be adding up.

    Must I pay to renew my Cloud subscription? What happens if payment isn't made?

    Yes, you will have to pay on monthly basis through your personal cloud account. If the payment isn't made then the cloud service provider may stop/pause your cloud services

    Can you support team help me in configuring the cloud or linking the cloud with the project portal?

    Yes, our support team can guide you for creating your personal cloud and can also guide you for linking it with our project portal.

    What are the limitations of personal cloud?

    The backup of your cloud data is your responsibility and incase if the cloud services goes down, then it will be your headace to get it up and running.

    Is the personal cloud option available in all the plans?

    Except free plan, The rest plans have the option for personal cloud.

    Are there any pre-requisites for personal cloud?

    Yes, there are certain pre-requisites for personal, You can check them by clicking here. Also If the company perfers personal cloud then it shall be accessible by Project Activities's domain. (projectactivities.com)

  • Free TrialOpen or Close

    Does the free plan has the same interface as like the paid plans.

    Yes 100%, All our plans have the same user-interface and same operational systems. The only difference is that limitation of the plans.

    How does the free trial work?

    Your free trial gives you same day access to a fully-featured live account so that you can set up your projects and test out all the benefits of the product. If the free plan limitations do not bother you, then you can keep on using it.

Frequently Asked Plan Questions

Frequently Asked General Questions

  • Can we customize any themes or designs?Open or Close

    No, We do not provide theme or design customization facility

  • What technology is used to built this solution.Open or Close

    The solution is built using PHP as front end and MySQL as back end. And our cloud data collobrations are done with AWS (Amazon)

  • What is the process that is been covered by the solution.Open or Close

    The solution covers, major cycle of project management. But along with it, Project Activities also cover file management and communication related tools like My Drive and Social Intranet.

  • Support Availability Open or Close

    What shall be the availability of the support team?

    The support team resides in India, Due to which the support hours shall be in context with the Indian Standard Time (IST) zone. The support shall be provided on working days and the timings shall be between 10:00 to 19:00 hrs.

    What does support include?

    Support includes limited training session and ticket resolution related to any bugs or errors.

    What support does NOT include?

    It does not include development or customization. It includes only as mentioned in above point, nothing besides that.

  • How does the free trial work ?Open or Close

    Project Activities provide free registration and once you are registered you are subscribed to free plan. After a successful activation of your registration you can use the portal with the free plan limitations as mentioned in plan page.

  • Which browsers are supported ?Open or Close

    Major latest browsers like Chrome, IE & Firefox are been supported, But we prefer Google Chrome. In case if you have some issues related to the browser, then you can contact our support team and they will guide you for the same.